Pioneer of Automatic Pouch Distributor

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ASAHI KINZOKU has been the first to put Automatic Pouch Distributor in the world in 1977,and established firm position in this field with full use of our original technology for distribution and division of all pouches, storage of the chain of pouches and single pouch in mainly food and medical supplies industry.

Making use of our past experience for more than 20 years, ASAHI KINZOKU will meet with user's various request, and open new fields with "save manpower and labor" policy as consulting manufacturer.

High-speed Automatic Pouch Distributor
High-speed Automatic Pouch Distributor
High-speed Card Distributor
300pcs/min. distribution has been realized
All function in software
Servomotor is equipped
300pcs/min. distribution has been realized
All function in software
Double-edged cutter : for large pouch
400pcs/min. distribution has been realized
Servomotor : Rotary function is equipped
Automatic Folding Device
Automatic Winding Device
High-speed Automatic Packing Device
30M/min. of fold and storage speed.
Easy mechanism as only two buttons
Popular! New mechanism Swing Duct method
15M/min. of winding speed
Easy setting
Servomotor is equipped.
Line up and storage device for single pouch
240pcs/min. storage speed
Servomotor is equipped.

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