Non-adhesive treatments

処理名 特長 機能
処理名Techno NACcoat 特長Thin thickness coating with slipperiness
処理名Techno NScoat 特長Fluororesin coating with excellent non-adhesiveness (Low temperature treatment)
処理名ResistackⅡ 特長Fluororesin coating for electroless plating with micro uneven shape. It have excellent non-adhesiveness
処理名Technophos 特長Fluororesin coating on electroless Ni-P Coating
処理名Technophos Ag 特長Technophos with antibacterial properties
処理名Technoboron 特長Fluororesin coating on electroless Ni-B plating
処理名Technomite 特長Fluororesin coating on hard alumite
処理名Techno Highblack 特長Fluororesin coating on special black chromium coating

Black coatings

処理名 特長 機能
処理名Solblack 特長Black treatment that traps light with nano-shaped unevenness
処理名PhosblackⅢ 特長Hard black electroless Ni-P plating
処理名HighblackⅡ 特長Special black chromium plating processing could adapt to RoHS

High corrosion resistance treatment

処理名 特長 機能
処理名NiwphosⅡ 特長Electroless Ni-W-P plating have high corrosion resistance,
hardness and high covering power